Keep Pawprints on Your Heart, and Off Your Carpets

When you live with pets, dirt and pet hair is a fact of life. And yet, naturally, you still want to keep your house clean and fresh.

There are plenty of vacuums which are specially designed to cope with the mess that pets can leave on your carpets and floors, so you can enjoy your furry friends and a clean house.

What To Look For

Ideally, you want a vacuum with a HEPA filter. This type of filtration is hypo-allergenic, and takes care of pet hair, fleas, and dust mites.

Any cleaner that is going to be dealing with pet hair will obviously need to have strong suction, and a powerful filter. Ordinary hoovers often clog when dealing with pet hairs because their filters are smaller than those of vacuums specifically designed to deal with pet hair.

Things to Think About

  • What kind of floors do you have? Make sure the model you purchase can handle all the types of carpet and flooring you have in your house.

  • Do your pets go upstairs? Look for a cleaner that will be easy to use on stairs.

  • Does anyone in the household have allergies? You will definitely need a cleaner with a HEPA filter.

Top Five Pet-Friendly Vacuum Cleaner Buys

#5: Dyson DC40 Animal



With its patented ball technology and multidirectional brush, the Dyson is a well-known option. Bagless, it comes with a clear dust bin, so you can easily see when it needs emptying. It is a powerful cleaner.

However, it is quite messy to empty, something which has to be done frequently, as it has a small dust bin. It is also awkward to clean the filter.


  • Clear dust bin

  • Multidirectional brush – brings up ingrained hair easily

  • Powerful


  • Messy to empty

  • Small dust container

  • Awkward to clean the filter

Who Is It For?

Because of the small dust container, this is best suited for those with only one or two pets, ideally not long-haired breeds, and possibly cats, rather than dogs.

Value For Money?

This is a mid-priced cleaner, however its drawbacks mean it may not be the most sensible purchase, especially for those with multiple pets.

#4: Vax Air Lift


A steerable, lightweight vacuum with multi-cyclone technology, the Vax has a lift-off cylinder, making it easy to clean. However, as with the Dyson Animal, the dust cylinder is small, meaning it will need frequent emptying. Again, this is also an awkward device to clean.


  • Multi-cyclone

  • Lift-off cylinder

  • Steerable and lightweight


  • Small dust container

  • Awkward to clean

Who Is It For?

This is a good basic option, but is not best for those with multiple pets, because of the frequent emptying required.

Value For Money?

If you don't need to do daily cleaning, this is a fairly good vacuum cleaner, at a reasonable price.

#3: Shark True Pet

With its hypo-allergenic seal, this is an ideal vacuum for those who don't want their allergies to interfere with the enjoyment of having pets. It is lightweight, with swivel steering, making it easy to move around furniture and corners.

It is easy to empty, and comes with a full range of accessories.

It has quite a small dust container, and isn't as effective as other cleaners on hard floors, despite having a hard floor attachment.


  • Swivel steering

  • Lightweight

  • Hypo-allergenic seal


  • Not good on hard floors

  • Small dust container

Who Is It For?

This is best suited for those with one or two pets, and carpets.

Value For Money?

For someone who needs the ease of movement, and has low-shedding pets, this would be a good purchase.

#2: Miele Dynamic U1 Cat & Dog

Whilst not as powerful as the Miele C3, the U1 does offer a lot of the same functionality, with an Active-Air filter to freshen as it cleans, and a 14m operating flex, making it easy to move around large rooms.

It comes with accessories included, and has genuine multi-surface capability.

It is somewhat cumbersome.


  • Active-Air filter

  • Long operating flex

  • Multi-surface capability


  • Bulky

Who Is It For?

This cleaner would suit those with multiple pets, and a range of flooring styles. Its long flex also makes it ideal for those with larger rooms.

Value For Money?

This is an expensive cleaner, but worth it if you share your life with several pets.

#1: Miele C3 Cat and Dog


As its name suggests, this cleaner is great on pet hair. It offers a turbo brush, and active air-clean filter.

Equally as powerful on both hard and carpeted floor, it is powerful yet quiet. It comes with a full accessory kit, and one touch cable rewind.

An improvement on the U1 is the C3's turbo brush, which works to draw up ingrained pet hair, and provides depth cleaning on thick carpets.

While it is a high-price cleaner, this vacuum is definitely worth it.


  • Good on pet hair

  • Turbo brush and air clean filter

  • Powerful on hard and carpeted floor.

  • Quiet

  • One touch cable rewind


  • An expensive product, but worth the investment

Who Is It For?

This is a perfect cleaner for those with pet hairs who are looking for power and performance.

Value For Money?

Although this is expensive, it is definitely worth the money.

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