If you are absolutely sick of your old school, heavy duty vacuum cleaner and want to invest in a new one, then cordless vacuum cleaners are the best choice for you.

Cordless vacuum cleaners (as the name suggests) do not have a cord, or wire, and are completely portable. They have batteries through which they get charged, in order to be used around the house.

On average, a basic cordless vacuum cleaner may take 2-4 hours in charging and may run efficiently from half an hour to 2 hours at a stretch, depending on the size, battery, and capacity.

Cordless vacuum cleaners, however, are not as powerful in suction as the corded ones but are extremely convenient and useful to work around the house.

Below is a list that will help you decide on whether or why you need a cordless vacuum cleaner and a selection of cordless vacuum cleaners which are the best in the market with their advantages and their drawbacks.

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Reviews


#3: Gtech AirRam MK2

Super for dealing with pet hair, this model was an instant hit when it was first released. Now it's a firm favourite with thousands of happy customers. The word of mouth is strong with this one...


  • Light - perfect if you have a bad back
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful - animal hair is no problem


  • Needs more maintenance than typical hoovers

#2: Morphy Richards 732005 2-in-1

Easy to assemble, very efficient, compact and light. No wonder it's one of the UK's top sellers.


  • 35 minute run time
  • Powerful 18 V battery
  • 5 hour charge
  • Lots of attachments


  • Clogs easily

#1: Vax U85

It is great full sized machine, which can very easily give one hour of cleaning. It has a larger capacity than other vacuum cleaners on average. It has two batteries, which run for 30 minutes each, and it needs three hours of recharging.


•    Cyclonic technology gives powerful suction

•    Easy to navigate around the house with LED lights

•    The canister can lift off, giving increased flexibility 

•    6 years of manufacturer’s guarantee


  • The machine does not have great manoeuverability and you have to bend it in order to suck in the dirt and the dust.
  • Customer service needs some improvement.

Overall, the machine is a good deal since it is quite powerful and easy to use around the whole house, giving a good one hour of cleaning.

What to Look for when Choosing a Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Choosing a cordless cleaner can be tedious. Who would have thought a simple vacuum cleaner can have so many styles, types, and models? We looked through the many varieties in the market, and here is a little list to help you decide better.

1.     Your budget

Your budget is the most important factor in determining what to purchase. This will automatically narrow down your research. You must choose whether you can afford a stick vacuum, or a dust buster, or a full duty high voltage cleaner.

2.     Your house

The size of your house also determines what your need is. If it is a huge space with an upstairs and a downstairs area, including stairs, then you would require something heavy-duty and durable that can last. The charging time is also significant, because in order to clean the whole house you would require more than an hour, so the battery should be able to last that much.

On the other hand, if you are in a studio apartment, then not only would you have storage issues, you would also have a smaller place to clean up – thus requiring a smaller, portable, and compact vacuum cleaner.

The way your house is set up can also determine what type of vacuum cleaner you need. Are the floors carpeted, tiled, or wooden? In addition, does the cleaning brush or nozzle need to be thick or thin to clean around corners? These are a few points you need to consider when choosing the right cordless vacuum cleaner for your household.

3.     Main Purpose

Do you already have a main vacuum cleaner and are looking to buy a second one? You need to question yourself to figure out what is your main purpose of buying it. Maybe you already have one big one, and you need a smaller one for everyday use – in that case, a dust buster would be great. Moreoever, if you have small children, then a dust buster works great to clean up their everyday mess which doesn’t require a huge vacuum cleaner to pick up. In addition, if you are looking for something that can work in your car as well, then the dust buster is the best choice again – it would also clean computers and other tight spots!

4.     Physical Health

Before buying a new vacuum cleaner, you need to see if you are physically fit to use it. If you are all set on purchasing that heavy-duty stick vacuum cleaner, you need to be sure you can run it as well; if you have a bad back or a back problem as it can further aggravate it. In that case, an easier hand-held device would be the best or something that is lightweight.

5.     Other Features

When you are deciding to buy a cordless vacuum cleaner, you should be able to compare between its features as well. How long does it take its battery to charge and how long will it run for uninterrupted? Consider additional features - does it have a motorized brush, which helps to clean up stubborn dirt like pet hair off the carpet? You also need to see what attachments it comes with, if any. The wider the cleaning path the vacuum cleaner has, the better, as it would be able to clean up faster than the one with a smaller cleaning path.

6.     The Brand

A brand name when buying electronics really makes a difference. Companies like Black&Decker or Hoover are well known and trusted brand names, which are known for their durability and their after-sales services. A company warranty, guarantee, and replacement policies also make a difference when you are buying electronic products.

The above list will help you in narrowing down your requirements. The list below will help you choose the right one you need.


You now have all the relevant knowledge that will help you choose the right type of cordless vacuum cleaner. A cordless vacuum cleaner is not meant to replace the corded one; rather it is meant to help you with the cleaning process.

Instead of having to clean up every second day, a cordless vacuum cleaner makes it easy to spot-clean a place and keep your house clean all the time!

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