Do Robot Vacuums Work on Carpets?

We’ve been vacuuming the same way since the dawn of civilization. Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs show servants pushing hoovers around, with little jagged lines coming out of their backs to represent the lower back pain that comes with this tedious work.

But how would you feel if you didn’t have to carry the vacuum from one room to the other and supervise the entire cleaning process? What if the vacuuming was done when you were at work and you came home to a spotless living room? What if you could press a button and go and drink G and T in the back garden and it was all magically taken care of?

Well, of course, you would be delighted! But this isn’t science fiction. Thanks to advances in technology WE live in the future previous generations dreamed about! Robotic vacuum cleaners are here, and they’re here to help.

These vacuums carry out the entire cleaning process themselves and you needn’t spend even waste a single calorie on it. These robo-heroes clean rugs and corners themselves, navigate between table legs themselves, and even recharge their batteries all by themselves. You only need to empty it once it is full.

These robot vacuums work well on hardwood floors as well as carpeted floors which is a great relief for homeowners. Homeowners who have carpeted their homes understand very well that though carpets add elegance and sophistication to any room, they are high on maintenance. Dirt can easily accumulate beneath and between the strands of the carpet and cleaning them with a manual vacuum cleaner needs a lot of effort as well as time. Not only that, since carpets need to be cleaned very frequently, most people fail to continue doing the cleaning themselves for long.

Naturally, robot vacuums are a boon to them. Robot vacuums that come with squeegee brushes and bristled brushes work excellently at targeting every strand of the carpet and getting the dirt out, which wouldn’t be possible with an upright. Thus, these robot vacuums can clean more thoroughly, keeping the carpet clean and free of dust and grime.

Some robot vacuums are so designed that they can determine the type of floor they are working on. This is useful for houses that have carpets as well as hardwood floors. As soon as the sensors detect the presence of carpets, the suction is enhanced so that no dirt is left behind.

What a time to be alive!