Do Vacuums Kill Spiders?

Finding a few bugs or beetles at home may not be a big deal for you, but what would you do when you find a big, nasty spider sitting on a wall or lurking somewhere?

Now personally I like spiders (they kill my mortal enemy, the fly), but many in the UK detest spiders and can't sleep thinking one might be loose in the house. So how do you deal with them?

For those of you who possess the British Bulldog spirit, a shoe or Argos catalogue would be enough to take that spider out. One slap with it and the spider would be gone for good.

But what about those who cringe at the sight of a spider and though they want it gone, they cannot muster enough courage to get close to it? Well, there may be a solution to the problem. You have a vacuum cleaner or two and that can come in handy if you are willing to kill a spider.

The rest of this article is not suitable for Buddhists, animal rights advocates, or David Attenborough.

You may find this weird, but vacuums may be useful for eliminating spiders. It has been often found that when you vacuum a spider, it suffers trauma due to ricocheting along the narrow walls of the vacuum. This trauma is enough to kill most spiders. Even if some manage to survive, they will die of thirst if kept enclosed.

However, there is a catch to this method of killing spiders. If the spider is big and strong enough, it may not suffer much of a trauma and when left alone, they may try to crawl outside via the hose of the vacuum cleaner and finally escape. This would indeed be a disaster and you need to avoid that by any means necessary.

Assuming you don't have a spider-sized tactical nuke, the best practice would be to suck up the spider(s) and continue with the cleaning process so that more dirt and debris gets accumulated in the vacuum bag - then dispose of it immediately. The dirt and debris will trap the spider and even if it somehow manages to escape, that will be far from the boundaries of your house and probably in the local tip.

Note that some vacuums come with special attachments designed for this very situation, and there are even devices that will suck up a spider and then let you blow it out the front door - gets rid of the spider, doesn't stain the wall, doesn't stain your soul!