What To Do If Your Pet is Scared of the Vacuum

The vast majority of pets are a little bit scared of vacuum cleaners and carpet cleaners. These devices look strange, they are large and they create unusual sounds and that’s why animals fear them.

In many cases, animals will start looking for a place to hide whenever the vacuum cleaner is on. This can cause a lot of trauma in our pets and this is the reason why you should try to solve this problem as soon as possible.

Making Your Pet Familiar with the Vacuum Cleaner

For starters, try to keep your vacuum cleaner in a place where your pet can see it. Don’t hide it in a box or store it in a closet. Leave it somewhere where the pet can encounter it every day. Furthermore, there are many modern vacuum cleaners that are very adjustable at least when it comes to the height of the device. Try to make it smaller because as we said before many animals are scared from the size of this device.

Next, it is a smart move to let your pet check the vacuum cleaner. Simply move the vacuum (when it is not in use) to the place where your pet is sitting. Encourage them to check the device and smell it. They will memorize the smell and feel less intimated the next time when the vacuum cleaner is on. Remember that you should not put the vacuum cleaner close to the areas where your pet is sleeping or eating. Those who have cats should avoid the area where their litter box is situated.

You can also encourage their curiosity by placing something that belongs to them on top of the vacuum like their towel for example. Some experts say that placing a treat on the vacuum from time to time can be helpful. Remember that the vacuum cleaner must be turned off while you are doing this.

Once you do all these things, you should turn on the vacuum cleaner. Don’t start using it right away and try to call the pet close to the vacuum cleaner. They should not be scared anymore. However, you should not vacuum too close to them yet. When you are done vacuuming, give your pet a treat.

Using other approaches

Did you know that pets can be treated with sound therapy? Something like this can make your cat, dog or other pet feel more comfortable while you are vacuuming. If you are planning on buying a new vacuum cleaner, try to choose one that is very quiet. New technology allows manufacturers to make vacuum cleaners that are not loud.

Don’t forget that this process might require some time. The fear your pet feels is real and intense, so you must be patient. There are pets that have feared vacuum cleaners for years, so you can’t expect them to overcome this fear overnight.

Try some or all of these tips and your pet will eventually forget how scary your vacuum cleaner was.