Bissell Big Green (48F3E) Review


Cleaning up can be quite a pain, especially if you do not own the correct equipment. It is difficult to get all the work done manually, and finding dirty spots despite all the effort you put into cleaning can be annoying.

However, cleaning up does not always have to be dull and dreary. The Bissell 'Big Green' carpet cleaning machine (model number 48F3E) leaves your carpet looking smooth and new, removing even dirt that you may not even be aware existed.

It features friendly and practical design, large switches and levers, smooth handles made of rubber, and large wheels that make it more portable and convenient. Though expensive, this product is an investment in a dirt-free house.

Suction Pump 

The Bissell's suction pump is an efficient feature that makes cleaning easier for customers. Drying time is short and the cleaning is incredibly strong. As you clean your carpet, the suction pump will slightly pull it up as you move the cleaning machine forward and backward. It does not matter if you have a thick or thin carpet – the Big Green's results are spectacular (see the video near the end of this review).

The suction leaves your carpet dry, minimising the risk of any wet smells. You can also test this by placing a paper towel on the carpet to absorb any more water once the suction has left it dry. You will see that the towel will not be able to soak up any moisture as it will not exist.

While cleaning your carpets, you can also see the dirt being sucked out of what you thought were clean carpets. You will see that the colour of the water will be dirty and gritty, showing exactly how much dirt had accumulated in your carpets over the years.

Built-In Timer 

The Bissell 48F3E comes with a built-in timer. It has an LCD screen that shows you the time elapsed since you have been cleaning. This feature is especially useful for those who want to keep track of their cleaning time or for those in the cleaning business who can charge according to the amount of time they have spent on the job.

The built-in timer allows you to count one unit for every 10 minutes that it has been used for. An example of this is if the Big Green has been used for 16 units, it amounts to 160 minutes of being in use.

Furthermore, having a built-in timer helps you keep track of other household activities. For instance, you can feed the cat in 10 minutes or check the oven after 20 minutes. Sometimes, you do not want to overclean the carpet and hence, you want to keep looking at the built-in timer to make sure your cleaning chore does not leave it dry and scrunched up.

Product Specifications

  • The DirtLifter Power Brush comes with eight rotating rows 
  • It cleans in a backward and forward motion 
  • There are two big water tanks that can be removed in case you need to empty the dirty water and refill it with clean water 
  • In case of tricky areas that you cannot reach easily, you can use the 1 x 15 cm stain tool and 1 x 2.7 m hose 
  • It has a total weight of 19 kg. It cannot be carried around the house as it is heavy, but its wheels make it convenient to drag around 
  • It has a water capacity of 8 litres 
  • It uses 1200 watts of power  


The Bissell Big Green is a beast of a machine and you will find few people who have complaints about it.

Investing in the Bissell 48F3E deep cleaner is an ideal option if you are looking for high- quality, crystal-clear, stain-free carpet fibres. Given the price, we'd recommend it to people with large homes, offices, or someone who wants to start a carpet cleaning business.

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