Maxi Vac Portable Carpet Cleaner Review


Carpets are such an important part of home décor: they help in tying the room together and making your home look more cozy and comfortable. They can, however, be a hassle to maintain; whether it's mildew or dust, carpets get a lot of wear and tear that can make them very dirty.

A good carpet cleaner is handy to have in these situations as it helps give the carpet a longer life and offers a much lesser chance to bacteria and impurities remaining in the overall household. The good thing is these machines are that they are multipurpose, so they can cater to more than just carpet cleaning. The appliance reviewed here is a portable spot cleaner from Maxi Vac.


One of the things that set this carpet cleaner apart is the fact that it’s easily portable - it is handheld, which means that it is ideal to be used on the go. The cleaner is also quite light, so that it can be easier to utilize and quick to maneuver.

The system is small in size and compact in built so it can be stored and whipped out at a second’s notice. It can be used on stains that are in areas which are otherwise hard to get to, or tedious to remove.

Easy to use

Even though the machine does not come with instructions it is easy to use because of its simplicity.

The cleaner can also be used in multiple ways for sofas and chairs or car upholstery. As noted earlier, the size is small so it cannot be used to tackle very big stains making it not the best appliance for cleaning entire carpets. It is handheld, which can be simpler to employ, however requires that you be on the floor while cleaning for certain periods at a time.

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 34 x 19.5 x 21.5 cm
  • Product Weight: 3.5 Kg
  • Power: 500W
  • Colour: Green
  • Capacity of dirt water: 900 ml
  • Capacity of clean water: 300 ml
  • Power Cord: Yes, 5m long


After trying this product out for a while we had a positive overall impression.

The price makes it worth buying despite the machine being too small for large areas. As a supplement to a larger cleaner for the rest of your home, this is a winner.

We had some reservations regarding the soap dish inside the device which is meant to hold the cleaning solution. It's a bit too small and therefore needs refills sooner than we would have liked and the container is a little difficult to remove from the machine. These were minor nuisances.

If you are a pet owner who needs to clean your carpets frequently you'll find Maxi Vac perfect for cleaning the carpet on a daily, incident to incident basis.

  • Overall this is a well-designed product that ensures easy spot-cleaning for your carpets and other upholstered furniture; however it is not suitable for whole rooms or carpets as it is designed to treat concentrated areas and stains.
  • This carpet washer is relatively inexpensive which can make it a very attractive buy for people who need it to clean small spills or stains on their carpets.
  • It is recommended by pet owners who find it effective and anyone looking for a cleaner that can operate in limited areas on a routine basis will find that this is the product that they are looking for.