Vax 6131T Canister 3-in-1 Review


Cleaning the house can be one of the most fulfilling, yet difficult chores of a homeowner’s day.

A certain ownership develops in the work that we do to better our surroundings. Some can even call this a part of nesting. When one feels that they can be responsible for an area through cleaning it, they should use the best products available for the job. For this reason it is important that we look at some of the appliances that help us do just that, which brings us to the device centered upon in this review.

The Vax 6131T is a multipurpose carpet cleaner that is meant to cater to the many different cleaning functions that are needed around the house.


This system can be used for so much more than just carpet cleaning. It has a vacuuming feature which allows it to suck up any accidentally dropped solutions around the house.

The large capacity makes it easy to use without fear of refilling it.

The vacuum has a bagged system so that there is ease in removing the dirt.

Washing and vacuuming your car is also made easy thanks to the safe use of the machine.

There is a dusting brush with stainless steel tubes to extend the reach of the vacuum with so that you can dust most of the corners of the room without getting a step ladder to stand on.

The Fibreflow wash head is what allows you to wash the carpets, taking out most of the dirt that has accumulated on your carpet over time.


Along with all the specifications and attachments noted in this review about the Vax 6131T, the most outstanding feature is that this machine is quite affordable. This price, considering that the machine provides a diverse range of applications and multiple special tools, is a major deciding factor.

The cost of owning and running a home rises every day, and an affordable machine is a great investment. Despite using no other special features other than its motor and its accessories, the Vax carpet cleaner does a better job than most of the cleaners in this price range.  

Product Specifications

·         Product Dimensions: 32 x 32 x 56 cm

·         Product Weight: 8.1 Kg

·         Clean Water Capacity: 4 L

·         Dirty Water Capacity: 8 L

·         Hose length: 2.5 m

·         Cleaning Reach: 13.5 m

·         Power Cord length: 10 m

·         Power: 1300 Watts

·         Voltage: 230 V

·         Noise level: 66 dB

·         Color: Orange

·         Fibreflow Wash Head

·         Combination Floor Head

·         Additional tools: Ultra-Plus Solution, 3 piece paper bags, Wash Tool, Crevice Tool, Dusting brush, Upholstery tool

·         2 piece Stainless Steel External Tubes


We are satisfied with this cleaner and recommend this product. The fact that you can apply one appliance to so much use will make you feel like your investment has paid off.

The dry vacuuming of this system is very efficient. This is due to the impressive power and suction that the machine can generate. The machine can also deal with wet spills making it ideal for daily use.

Carpet washing, which is meant to be the main function of the product, is very good, especially if you have pets in the house and need to use the machine often.

The 6131T is also relatively cheap.

However, some issues have been highlighted with the size of the machine. There have been rare reports that the vacuum stops working after a few months of use, however this depends on the way the machine has been handled and whether the user instructions were followed.

Overall, it is a good machine to have in the house for cleaning almost everything. If you’re looking for multiple uses in one investment, you should consider purchasing this Vax cleaner for hassle-free carpet cleaning.

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