Vax V124A Dual V Review



The Vax V124A delivers excellent cleaning performance and has all the features that one needs to clean a carpet on a regular basis.

It uses advanced technology to remove dirt, and is ideal for removing pet hair from your carpet. 

Though it is expensive, it delivers outstanding value for money.

Dual V technology

The Dual V technology of this Vax carpet washer is the thing that makes it unique. The Dual V looks a bit difficult to use at first but once you start using it, you will soon get used to it.

Dual V machines feature twin air paths that suck powerfully and uniformly to make sure your carpets are cleaned and dried instantly. Having twin air paths is very efficient as you can clean more dirt and debris by covering larger areas.

Heated Cleaning

Heated cleaning is another important feature of this carpet washer. The Dual V uses heating technology to apply heat to the carpet and reduce the drying time.

The downside to most carpet cleaners is that you have to leave the room to dry for ages after using the machine - awkward if it's the living room, for example. But the V124A blows hot air on to the carpet so that it dries very fast. Very useful, I'm sure you'll agree.

To use the heated cleaning system, you have to use a hose which blows air. No matter how wet the carpet is, the V124A will make short work of it.


  • Weight: 11.5 kg
  • Power: 1350 watts
  • Cleaning capacity: 3.7L
  • Cleaning width: 29 centimetres
  • Cleaning reach: 11.5 metres
  • Dirt capacity: 3.2L
  • Hose: 2.4 metres
  • Heating cleaning: Yes
  • Cord: 9.1 mm
  • Guarantee: 6 years
  • Colour: Grey/Red
  • Type: carpet cleaner, not for hard floors

Performance and Conclusion

This has been our number 1 recommended carpet cleaner for a long time.

Performance is great - you can blast through a room in minute and it'll do a great job picking up the dirt. It's pretty heavy, but no more than the average vacuum cleaner. But a bit of extra weight in a cleaner isn't a bad thing - it does help it to get right down into the fibre and clean up that grime.

It's noisy, but there aren't many quiet carpet cleaners. In fact, I can't think of a single one I'd describe as quiet. It's the price of having a carpet that looks good as new!

The Vax 124A Dual V carpet cleaner is a very useful and top-notch carpet cleaner, and is ideal if you have to wash your carpet on a regular basis. If you don't want to take a risk on which one to buy, the 6-year guarantee makes it an easy decision.

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