Vax VRS18W Power Max Carpet Washer Review



The Vax VRS18W Power Max Carpet Washer is a worthy cleaning appliance that can make the tiring and difficult work of cleaning a carpet into an easier one.

It is very versatile and delivers excellent performance to clean the home quickly and easily. It has a large tank capacity, and the cleaning nozzle is wide enough to make sure it covers large areas of carpet in one go.

Most carpet washers are heavy, but this machine is very portable because of its light weight. It is stylish and delivers good value for money.

Large Tank Capacity

The tank capacity of this carpet washer is very large and can accommodate a large amount of clean and dirty water inside it.

This carpet washer has two large separate tanks for clean and dirty water, and thus it makes the cleaning process easier and faster. The clean water tank can hold up to 2.1L of clean water, and the other tank has a capacity of 1.7L to hold the dirty water.

The clean water tank is larger so that you don’t need to stop in between the cleaning process and refill the tank on a frequent basis. The dirty water tank is also large enough, and it doesn’t need to be emptied again and again. With these two large tanks, this carpet washer makes it easier to clean large areas at once.

Lightweight Design

Most carpet washers are heavy because of the accessories and tools attached but the Vax VRS18W has a very lightweight design.

The frame is light yet sturdy, so that the user can easily lift it from one place to another. It has a long cable that makes it easier to clean at long distances from where you plug it into. The whole machine weighs just 5.6 kg and the upright design makes cleaning and dragging it effortless.

If you want to carry it upstairs or downstairs, you won’t feel any hurdle because it is easy to lift and carry. Due to its unique design, you can clean rugs or whole carpets in just one go because the cord is long enough.


  • Weight: 5.6 kg
  • Power: 500 watts
  • Max capacity: 2.1L
  • Operating radius: 6 m
  • Product dimensions: 24 X 36 X 76 cm
  • Special features: corded
  • Cleaning width: 25 cm
  • Power cord length: 5.9 m
  • Brand: Vax


We liked the Vax VRS18W because of its light weight design and large tank capacity. There are other features which make it an attractive investment, such as its deep, powerful cleaning.

It is noisy, but the excellent performance overcomes this drawback. It's easy to assemble and you can start cleaning your carpets and rugs just minutes after you buy it. The machine is ideal for holding large amounts of water and it can clean big carpets in just one go.

You can also use the Vax VRS18W for cleaning spills, because it has a powerful airflow that can dry wet carpets and rugs instantly. It can deal with tough stains and clean up all types of dirt and debris in just a few minutes.

It is an upright carpet washer, and you can easily hold it and carry it to other places. So, if you have to deal with tough stains and pet hair on your carpet, this carpet cleaner is the perfect choice.

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