Vax VRS5W Spring Carpet Washer Review


Carpets should look sophisticated. They play an integral role in ensuring the beauty of your home décor. If your house features a carpet (or rug), then you should make it a habit of washing or cleaning it regularly. Such an act not only prolongs the life of the rug, but it also prevents the infestation of insects.

So, how can you clean your carpets you ask? By spending thousands on professional carpet cleaning services? There's a plan B - You can do so by getting your hands on a on a good quality carpet washer. While there are various options in the market to choose from, the Vax VRS5W Spring Carpet Washer comes out smelling of roses due to its array of features.

Ease of Maneuverability

If you have ever used a carpet washer, you would know how tiresome the use of such products can be if the carpet washer in question is too heavy.

This is because the heavier the product is, the more difficult it is to store it as well as to use it. And the harder it is to maneuver the carpet washer, the more hectic the process of targeting the corners of the house becomes.

Hence, Vax have made this carpet washer to be extremely light, which leads to enhanced portability as well as ease of maneuverability. The latter feature in turn leads to a better cleaning experience.

Fast Cleaning

In the fast paced world we live in, no one wishes to waste too much time in cleaning the house. This is because there are, of course, various other chores and work to be done. Since most of us are living such a busy lifestyle, it comes as no surprise that we value products which are efficient and quick.

If you value such a feature, you will appreciate this product for its ability to perform fast cleaning. This is ensured by the inclusion of a wide nozzle in the carpet washer which allows for quick performance of the product.


•         The weight of the product is 5.6 kg which enhances portability and ease of use.

•         The clean water capacity of this product is 2.1 litres which allow for extended use without the need to refill the carpet washer.

•         The dirty water capacity of the product is 1.7 litres which further enhances the extended use.

•         The product is equipped with a 5.9-metre power cable whose extra-long length allows for efficient use even when the power cord is situated far away from the area to be cleaned.

•         The cleaning nozzle has a size of 24 cm for fast performance.

•         The product is accompanied by a Vax AA Spring Carpet Cleaner Solution.


We like the VRS5W for the extensive array of features it succeeds in providing. Many have appreciated the fact that the carpet washer is easy to assemble. Moreover, it also manages to offer fast performance which is a source of convenience for many.

However, some have reported that the carpet washer spits out dirty water when you turn the product off, leading to a mess which many wish to avoid. Moreover, it tends to create a lot of noise which is a source of annoyance for many.

While the product exhibits a few flaws, the fact remains that this carpet washer manages to offer quality performance and succeeds in cleaning stubborn stains. Since cleaning is the primary function of such a product, many have been quick to overlook the shortcomings of the product.

All in all, if you wish for a carpet washer which allows you to bid stubborn stains goodbye, you may want to give Vax VRS5W Spring Carpet Washer a try. You will not be disappointed.

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