Vax W85-PL-T Dual Power Pro Advance Review


Carpet cleaners are essential for any home; carpets aren't something that one can afford not to clean. They require constant maintenance, as even one speck can render the entire room looking untidy.

This is why you need an all-in-one carpet cleaner that makes sure your house gets the cleaning it deserves. Carpet cleaners aren't an easy choice to make. They're sufficiently expensive, and you need to make sure you are purchasing the right carpet cleaner.

There are a number of options to choose from. This article will take you through the Vax W85 carpet cleaner, and we'll look at how good it is at its job.

Dual System

The Vax W85 has a dual carpet cleaner system that not only cleans it in the first attempt but also dries it. Its dual tech system takes the dirt out of it in a deeply efficient way. It also has an integrated SpinScrub tool that is useful for washing certain parts of the house such as stairs and upholstery.

The dual carpet system that the Vax W85 comes with also has a dual V system that decreases the time it takes for the carpet to dry. It has a stretch hose that is embedded within the machine, which stretches a long distance and will clean stairs with no difficulty.

Boost Trigger

Another special feature that the Vax W85 has is that it comes with a Boost Trigger. This is specially designed for stains that are stubborn and tough to remove. Its dual tech system ensures that your carpet gets a 360-degree cleaning to remove all kinds of stains.


  • In order to provide you with more ease and less hassle, the Vax W85 has an auto mix system. This means that you do not need to make sure that the ratio of water and solution is accurate. The Vax W85 will do that bit for you, saving you a considerable amount of time.
  • The tank of the Vax W85 is huge as compared to other carpet cleaners. This means that it is capable of filling a larger capacity of water and solution that will cover a greater area of carpet cleaning. We all know what that translates to: lesser refills.
  • Last but not the least, it comes with a 6-year guarantee. This means that if anything goes wrong, you have 6 years to get it fixed and that too, absolutely free of cost!


People who have used the Vax W85 are sufficiently satisfied by it. They have claimed that it is lightweight than other carpet cleaners they have used, which makes cleaning much easier. They have also complimented its drying ability and have talked about how it dries the carpet within no time.

The only complaint that has been lodged against it is that the instructions that come with it are slightly confusing and not helpful at all. They are accompanied by diagrams that are rather confusing and do not aid in guiding the user on what to do. You have to figure out how to work your way around the machine mostly on your own.

However, the Vax W85 is a very smart purchase. This article clearly highlights all the positive aspects that it has. Essentially, all that you should be looking for in an ideal carpet cleaner is its ability to successfully remove dirt and leave the carpet looking as good as new. Things as insignificant as the instructions being ambiguous can be overlooked easily if the machine does its primary job well.

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