Vax W91RSBA Rapide Cleaner Review


Vax is popular for its high-quality carpet cleaners that provide fast, convenient deep cleaning. Their Rapide is lightweight, which aids portability and allows the cleaner to be carried around if need be. Furthermore, it can handle even the stickiest and toughest dirt, leaving your carpet as good as new within minutes.

Known as a spot cleaner, the Vax W91RSBA lasts customers for years after purchasing and stays in pristine condition. You can also wash the stairs with ease using this beauty without any complaints. Although it is a little loud, the Rapide is a nimble machine that gives you the cleanest results.


A lightweight cleaner, it weighs just 5.5 kg. It can easily be carried around or dragged across your home, increasing maneuverability. You can use it from room to room as well as on carpeted stairways. Most cleaners do not work on stairs, but the Vax W91RSBA is a convenient little cleaner that reaches even the most intricate parts and leaves them as good as new.

The W91RSBA comes with a 6-metre power cable. This is longer than most cleaners provide and makes the machine even more useful. Using this cable, you can easily reach intricate nooks and crannies of the house without hurting your back or missing any spots. Efficient and convenient, this deep cleaner will help even those with arthritis and joint pain.

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The Vax W91RSBA comes with an abundant capacity for clean and dirty water. You can put 2.6 litres of clean water in the tank in one go, while it sucks up to 1.8 litres of dirty water in one sweep.

That means you don't need to worry about constantly emptying the tanks and cleaning up, as the water can accumulate during your entire cleaning session only to be drained out later. This allows you to have a disturbance-free cleaning session without constantly worrying about refills.

However, once you fill the water to its maximum capacity in the deep cleaner, it becomes a lot heavier. You may not be able to lift it as easily, so make sure that when transporting it downstairs or upstairs, empty the tanks.

Product Specifications

  • With a powerful 700-watt motor, you can use this deep cleaner on all but the toughest stains
  • It has a generous cleaning nozzle width of 23 cm   
  • The static brush bar helps clean your carpet to its very roots, not leaving any stains and completely sucking up excess water 
  • The deep cleaner comes with 237 ml of Ultra Solution to clean your carpets with, providing a fresh smell and removing deep-set grime 
  • The detailed instruction manual provides clear-cut instructions that helps users assemble the Vax deep cleaner within no time at all 
  • In case of any trouble, the cleaner comes with a 2-year warranty, allowing you to replace it in case of any dissatisfaction 
  • It does not leave the carpet dry within minutes. You need to give it a couple of hours in order to fully get rid of the excess moisture.  


Although we think it's a fine machine, a few customers have been dissatisfied with the product because of a bad experience. They report that once the shampoo is put into the water for cleaning purposes, it leaves behind huge puddles of water, making the carpet dirtier and wetter than it was before.

Besides these isolated incidents, this has been one of the best-selling carpet cleaners for many years. Remember to clean the carpet like you are mowing the lawn (slowly up, slowly down) and you will be able to see the best, cleanest results!

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